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I Love English too - Independent Usborne Organiser

                                                                                                                                                                                 https://www.facebook.com/I-Love-English-too-Independent-Usborne-Organiser-562415220925179/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Independant Usborne Organiser
It started while searching for books to help my students and to have some at home ! It had been a long time and then i found Tracey, organiser, like me now. She showed me the books and i bought a few ... for my kids. I was really excited ! Started to use them for the young students too, and find that they loved the little stories and images, the small exercices at the end of the books, they were in demand to read every time they’d come to a lesson ! When i ran out of new books to show them, i said that it was really the time to order the Starter pack and order some grammar books for my students !
The Usborne books are written in english by english writers !! and this we don’t have here in France ! We are used to learn English with some french habbits ! This time i can focus on some points that will not be difficult to explain, but will be abvious with the Usborne native books. (like ‘yes, i love to read English’, ‘Yes, it is easy for me’ ‘for sure, let e read it’ ...) So you too could have a lot of pleasure reading the books and enjoying the whole catalogue and good prices
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